Friday, March 06, 2009

Daily progress

I seem to be writing about daily progress so much since my resolution to follow that path instead of setting myself impossible datelines and now I am almost getting to the point of excitement about it because it is working for me and I am not getting myself worked up about what others feel I should have achieved by now. Much better to learn how to motivate myself each day than to try what others think will work for me.

I have been out a lot today but I still managed to send out today's column even if no one will read it and I am also writing this blog. Small achievements but big in my books because I am operating above my emotions and feelings at this point.

I am so grateful, Father, that unlike human beings, You always give a second chance and a third and a fourth and even more. Thank You, Father for another chance to break through with the writing. Hallelujah to Your Holy Name, Amen!


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