Friday, February 29, 2008

Green issues

I haven't been here in a while; very droll when a few weeks ago I wrote about blogging daily from the library. Sometimes I think when you write things down, challenges come to test your commitment to your goals and dreams. I have been so busy about very little but here I am again.

I have been thinking very much about environmental issues and how much the desire to look good and cool costs the environment something. Whether it is to own a beautiful notebook or wear expensive jewellery or buy cheap clothing, there is something being lost from the environment.

So how to keep it all in balance? How do we replace what we are taking without feeling guilty? It is nice to note that a lot of magazines now carry articles on doing things the green way. It means that at least one can change one thing in your current lifestyle. It is good to read indeed and even better to think and act on the different ways to save our planet for future generations.

Hmmm, green living. What is my contribution going to be?


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