Thursday, January 24, 2008

Short stories

One of the books I was reading last year on writing gave some simple advice about how to improve your writing. Just show up and write, the author advised. That is the surest way of learning the craft, he went on to advise and I completely agree with him. A few paragraphs later he was talking about the affliction of writer's block, which a lot of writers get for different reasons and again his advice was to write even if you were actually writing or typing " I have the block and have nothing to write". Somehow the initial sentence would sometimes help unblock your thoughts and set you off on your merry way.

Well, yours truly has had several instances of writers' block when I have attempted to write anything that is not in my comfort zone, especially in the genre of short story writing. Why, I am not too sure because it was much more straightforward when I was younger. I am still struggling in this area at the moment and several reasons come to mind why this is so.
There is the self-imposed pressure to write a beautiful short story and then also the fear that the story will not be flat so even though I have these brilliant stories in my head, there they remain until I command this fear out. With my new grit and determination I will get to the point of 100% confidence very soon, I feel or 60% for a start.

With God's Help, I will write my short stories one way or the other.


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