Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The goodness of the Lord

I didn't write anything yesterday and I can't remember why. I think it is because I got to the library quite late and was feeling a bit tired and sleepy so I was not with it. I must go to bed early tonight because I have been sitting up until very late.

I am in a very good place, Father and was so encouraged by the ministration of a friend and my mentor, really, yesterday. I have never had this before so it is so sweet, humbling and I am very grateful to have someone who is so interested in my life. Lord, You are so merciful and gracious and there is no end to Your goodness to those who seek You.

More and more I am finding that I must personalize Your Word and put me in the verses just like Papa Hagin said and I will experience You more intimately and closely, Lord. My desire is to be like Samuel who heard You even as a child, to be like David who understood how to worship You, to be like Moses who experienced Your glory so closely and to be like Joseph who listened and obeyed You and saved a nation. And I want to be able to say as Paul said that all else is rubbish compared to knowing Your Son, Jesus Christ,Amen.

A seeking heart,
A hearing heart,
Is my desire,
My Father God.
All else is nought,
But Your presence and power, Lord,
This is my prayer today, my Father God.


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