Saturday, March 24, 2007


It has been a challenging week but one of growth too for me, not in girth, I hasten to add but in spirit.
Though I love tennis very much, I also enjoy football and have to watch it by default sometimes, because of the 5 males in the household. And the team I support is Arsenal because of the way they play. They play fluid, graceful football like no other team and I especially love Thierry Henry. He has had tough times this season because of injuries but try telling the English press that. Many of the sports writers have more or less predicted his demise and for his own sake I hope he will be back to prove them wrong.

After one of his prolonged absences he scored a goal and celebrated by putting a finger on his lips as if to say "keep quiet" and I like to think he was talking to his critics.

Sometimes I feel as if I am going on and on about something I feel passionate about and then I end up antagonizing the listener or sounding like a broken record and my good intentions are misunderstood.

This week has been one where I should have been quiet, especially since I had decided to do that several weeks ago. Keep quiet and even more quiet, Nana and prove yourself by your deeds and output.



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