Friday, March 30, 2007

Being ready

I read a book called King Rat several years back and though I have forgotten the story, I remember that part of it was set in a prison camp and there was a particular guy who could get you anything you wanted at the right price. A bit like Red in The Shawshank Redemption. And he was appropriately known as the King Rat and almost revered among the prisoners for his connections and power in the camp. Like all kingdoms that are man-made, his reign came to an end when the war was over and the prisoners freed and King Rat was almost depressed about getting out. He was going out into a world where he would be king no more and as ordinary as anyone else on the streets. In captivity he had been king but in freedom he would be a commoner.

Letting go when you are used to being in control or authority is never easy; parents go through that in several stages when their child is no longer a baby, like the little lady who is completely dependent on me at this stage. Your child starts that journey to school and gradually through life, they find other people they want to hang out with and you are no longer the only person they listen to. It can happen during the change of government when one party ousts the other and a minister finds himself now having no voice, as it were, to sway millions to vote for him; he is now almost as common as anyone else on the street.

Jesus commended the shrewd steward who made friends with his master’s debtors for the time ahead when his master would kick him out of his job. I find that parable fascinating on different levels; not because I think Jesus was commending the dishonesty of the steward but there is an element of readiness, preparedness and anticipation all in the mix over there and much more. Jesus said this steward was shrewd because he had thought long-term instead of short-term.

A parent can put in the hours and time and love to make sure that even when the child is hearing other people, his will be the one that guides the child. There are several instances in the Bible where you can see this preparedness for the times ahead. Anna and Simeon waiting to see the Messiah. The ten virgins waiting for the bridegroom. Isaac sowing in the time of famine. The ant gathering food in summer. The church getting ready for the Second Coming of Christ.

A day at a time, diligently working towards what images you have or dreams in your heart.Every day is a gift to you to get ready for where you are headed towards,Nana.

The ball is in my court.




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