Friday, September 01, 2006

Peace, be still

On some days, one literally wakes up buoyant and in a great mood; on others it is hard enough to get out of bed, much more attend to the needs of others. Today has begun the way of the wanting to be left alone but I have learnt that it only makes things worse so I am going to beat it, in Jesus' Name. It is my mom's birthday today and it has all been negative news which is all the more discouraging. One of my most fervent prayers is for my mother to be content with what she has. It is an attitude thing and I think it is much harder when you are older to have an attitude shift but highly possible too.

When I feel myself getting into negativity, I imagine myself as a spring being oiled,with a drop of oil just starting its way from the top to the bottom and smoothing out the kinks. To me, the oil represents the Holy Spirit who is soothing me and calming me and smoothing out the frustrations and negative things I am dealing with and that image calms me down. I pray as well and read a favourite psalm or two and I experience the peace of God come over me.
It is important to keep in mind that God is always watching over me and that His will for my life will come to pass if I walk in obedience. Peace, be still, my soul.



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