Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Suppose ...

Yesterday was one tiring day, but thankfully I managed to get to bed early. The latter weeks of pregnancy do tend to be more trying when you want to sleep for obvious reasons but I got some good hours of sleep.

I have done some writing today, even if is has been just to warm up and I have finished reading Kitchen Privileges, a memoir by Mary Higgins Clark; it is the third or fourth time I am reading it. It is simply but delightfully written and each time I read it, I am warmed anew and inspired to keep writing. Though she writes in a genre I have never attempted and think I cannot do, I do learn from her determination to succeed and her hard work she puts into her writing.

I think it is always important to learn from those who have gone ahead of us. It can save you plenty of time, energy and money.
She has a simple formula for getting to work and I think that is the best advice ever for any writer. Suppose and what if?
I have to write my supposes and my what ifs to make progress in this wonderful world of writing.

One step at a time and I will get there.


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