Tuesday, March 07, 2006

What is my niche as a writer?

Yesterday's writing class was good; I still have not handed in anything for the anthology we are publishing to raise money for charity and I am still thinking of what to write . Nothing comes to mind and I have been thinking for a while now.

We did put up our notice board and it looked good. That should help raise awareness for the course and also hopefully inspire us unto greater things. One of us is particularly prolific and I am sure she now must be getting even more acceptances than the teacher, probably. To be fair, our teacher has a day-time job and this class to think about.
We were also assessed and I am one of those who dabbles in a lot of things at the moment. Our teacher is hoping that by the time we finish the course, we would all be more focussed on a particular niche area. The prolific classmate seems to have mastered the art of women's short stories already. Another loves to write science fiction and is a dab hand at competitions too.

What am I focussing on? For some more prayer and direction to specialize in what I do best.

May my path be upward and bright.


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