Friday, February 03, 2006

Something New

Following on from that, I was listening to the radio yesterday in the car and it was on the station for classical music. I am more a jazz person but since discovering classical music late last year somewhere, I have been hooked from day one. I can now understand yet another theory that kids are affected by classical music in a positive way. Some of the music is so soothing, noble and regal that one can't help thinking noble thoughts when you hear it and I find that I am beginning to even realise the differences between the instruments and recognize some of the musicians by song.

It is always energising to discover a new interest because it adds colour and flavour to your life and learning something new gives the impression that you are growing and not stuck in a rut. Being static and doing the same things over and over again every day lead to boredom, a lack of stimulation and frustration with yourself and everything around you.

Just as the body needs exercise, your mind needs exercise and again research shows how being active slows down aging.
And somehow having the intent on learning or expanding your world brings into your life the necessary resources.

As I have kept up with this new love for my life, I have been gifted with a radio that is perfect for apparently listening to classical music, as they keep on being given out as gifts on this particular station.

What a blessing to enjoy the talents of others, what noble work can come out of someone when the talent is used in the right way. I hope I also leave something lasting to posterity.

God bless you.


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