Thursday, January 26, 2006

That D word again

I have not been able to do any writing today and it seems to have been one thing after the other, all very necessary so I am thinking of cutting down on my sleep and also abandoning my normal ways of only writing in the morning, if I want to make any progress. There seems to be so little time available and I know that this is the challenge of modern society so I am not the only one with this lack.
Another thing that is hindering me is the lack of exercise and I have to get back to walking as soon as it gets lighter in the mornings. In the meantime what can I do? Discipline. I need to focus on what I really want from this writing and I know it is not about money, but I do want to be prolific in different forms of writing and it can only be done by writing and writing some more. It sometimes seems like an endless cycle of the same things but at least I am learning and I am willing to put certain things into practice; for example sitting here after 10p.m. to do this is a significant breakthrough for me and even airing my thoughts in this way is also a progressive move. Hopefully my entries will get more interesting as I gather momentum.
I just looked at a poem I wrote some time back and I guess I do have an element of romance in me after all. One day I shall be brave enough to share it.
For today, I thank God for having friends and for being able to take another step towards becoming a prolific writer.
Hope to have a good rest tonight and wake up with clearer plans and visions.
Thank you,Lord, Amen.
Good night and God bless.


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