Sunday, January 29, 2006

The beautiful game

Some call football the beautiful game. They are wrong, I say. The beautiful game to me is tennis. I love to watch it and one day I hope to play it. And watching a gifted player at the game is like seeing poetry in motion. One such gifted player is Roger Federer and when he is in the groove, he is fascinating in his languid way of play. Sometimes he is tested and he has to draw on the reserves that great people in all areas seem to have. Today he won the Australian Open again after a very tough test and I salute him for clawing his way back. I would love to be like that where I do things because they need to be done and not just when I feel like doing them.

What about the Williams sisters? I do not have a younger sister but if you were to ask my husband he would probably say Venus is my younger sister. I get quite emotional when I watch her play and I look at those loooooonnnnng legs in awe. When she was at her peak, she was something else to watch but lately, apart from her Houdini acts at Wimbledon gone by, she seems to have lost her sparkle and yes, I do know that both she and Serena have had their fair share of injuries and yes, they have done very well in the world of tennis considering their background and their colour, but they have not quite lived up to the heights some of us were anticipating that they would with the assets that they possess.

I think that they probably have lost their zeal a little. They still think they are the best in the game but their results show otherwise and I think that I now must agree with the pundits that they have lost their passion for tennis , which is a great shame. If they gave it their all as some other players have done, who knows what heights they would attain? I keep dreaming of a Williams comeback that will make all the other players pale in comparison, but somehow I really do not think that will materialize, looking at how much they are doing outside the tennis world, and that makes me sad.

That is life.I shall take a cue out of their books to make the most of what I have but also remember to focus and sift through what I really want to do with my life. I salute Martina Hingis for coming back after a hiatus of several years. To her I say Respect.

Tennis, the beautiful game that teaches me about life.


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