Saturday, January 28, 2006

A Little Maudlin

I have had a good day today and I can't complain. I went to school; I teach in a little Saturday school and I enjoy it very much because it is a mixed ability class and the teaching is quite individual for that reason. I like to think of it as a personal service to each child and I was pleased with what I did today after a disappointing Saturday the previous week.

Then I managed to talk to a friend who has gone back to Ghana after a long time away and she sounded so peaceful; that made me so grateful especially since I also do want to go back so much. Ghana is a beautiful country and is especially so, because of the people. We are such a sedate, peaceful people and sometimes people take advantage of our good nature but in a very strange way we are quite resilient and thrive anywhere in the world. Just ask Kofi Annan. I am so proud to be from Ghana even though I was born in England and currently live here; sojourning I call it. I do like things about Britain but Ghana sets me alight in an indescribable way with all its shortcomings and absurdities.

I have not done any writing today because it has been a busy one again and some of my plans have fallen flat. And at the moment there are some old hits of Stevie Wonder in the background which are making me strangely sentimental and I have a book of Maya Angelou's poems on my table, which I am looking forward to sampling very much. She is one of the people I admire very much because she feels so comfortable with herself.

Now for a poem:

Sometimes only a gift will show
The love I have for you,
Sometimes only a gesture can express
What my heart feels for you,
Sometimes only an act can tell
How much you mean to me,
And that is why I send this to you
Because I have no more words to
Say what I yearn to tell.

( Inspired by MJ)

God bless and good night.


Blogger maame said...

Oh Nana, this is such a beautiful poem. Its so heart felt. Its great to be able to express yourself in your writing. It's a gift!

10:53 AM  

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