Monday, January 30, 2006

Murky Waters

I attend a writing class on Monday evenings and I normally come back fizzing and very excited but today I am a little sad. Two of my colleagues made comments about our teacher that were not very nice and one of them went on to kind of dismiss her as a writer of very little consequence compared to another teacher they had. I know that comparison is inevitable in any sphere of life but it is so unfair.

Writing tends to be a very subjective art and craft and what appeals to one person could be repulsive to another; for that reason I try to respect every writer because I do know what it is like to have a piece criticized and now one of my mantras is that I do not write for the critics; the cruel, destructive ones, that is. There will always be critics and those who find fault with everything but that should not stop me or anyone from putting work out there. As a writer, I am learning to develop a thick skin and be faithful to what music I hear in me. There will be one or two people whose hearts resonate to the same beat and it is for them I put out my product. If there should be more than that number, I am grateful to God for that.

I find my teacher to be encouraging and very good with feedback and someone who will give her opinion without forcing it down your throat. I have written two short stories since I started, this month alone, and for someone who has not done fiction in years, I would say that I have found a teacher who motivates me.

So I shall not remain sad and I shall do my best to encourage my classmates but of course I shall be careful not to share certain things with these two. As Maya Angelou says, if someone shows you who they are, you better believe it.
To thine own self be true.

I hope to write about what I had originally planned for tonight. Beware all ye tradesmen; murky waters lie ahead but they can be traversed.

God bless you.


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