Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Patience is a virtue

It has been one of those days. One of highs and lows but I am thankful to God for all that came through the door. I wonder how I think I am going to learn how to be patient without being tested. Not possible, is it? And I am now much more aware of how distractions and obstacles pop up when I resolve to do something. I have to learn to walk through those too.

The focus for me now is to get myself organized so that I do not feel like I am running from one fire to another. I do not want to forget that the boys are the main priority for now and that I am also a wife and a homemaker.

I am a mother and that is a blessing I cherish .Sometimes I feel like I am not doing enough and I do not always let myself off the hook and justify myself because I do tend to wander off and become a bit absent-minded. Other things can wait but the passage of a child's life can't.

Today I have had to remind myself of that and shelf other desires. I wish I had started my assignment earlier on though; I would have been in bed by now.

Thank God in all circumstances and thank Him for His mercy upon us each and every day.
Good night.


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