Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Beautiful Ghana (2)

Still enjoying myself very much and I am at an Internet Cafe in our area, cheaper than the one I have been visiting, cooler and with faster machines. Who says cheap is always inferior? I am here with the boys and Ahema and each of them is playing on a PC so they have no cause to complain at all. I was expecting a note from a friend but it still hasn't arrived.

I am reading quite a lot and being contemplative and praying a lot too. Many things to pray about. Many are the plans in a woman's head indeed but I want the Lord to direct me as to which paths to take. Lots of opportunities in this homeland of ours and lots of educational institutions all over for people to study from.

I visited a bookshop today and though it was no Waterstones or Blackwells I was impressed at the books they had in there and bought a few books to read. I noticed that there were new Ghanaian authors and that thrilled me; my observation encourages me to keep dreaming and get something into print soon.

First of all to please my God and then to put to shame all who think I am not doing anything.
A day at a time, a step at a time. Father, order my steps and help me keep studying.


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