Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Learning the ropes

I am back again today to post something short which I will explore later. Staying at home to take care of one's children does give people the impression you are doing nothing because you do not go out to work for money.

Since January I have been ferrying the kids back and forth and I know very well how tiring that is, and how little time that leaves me with, to focus on the writing. I am not complaining at all and rather feel privileged to be in this position. However if I am to fulfil my writing dreams, no matter how humble they may be, I will have to let this annoying assumption slide off me and get myself writing during the pockets of time I get. I am still learning.



Blogger Itsasistathing said...

A Bird doesn't sing
because it has an answer
It sings
because it has a song
For the gentle strength of your character, your actions, your words, will continue to inspire you.

Maya Angelou

Be strong & Be you.


1:25 PM  

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