Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Beautiful Ghana

I am in beautiful Ghana and it is amazing to how things are moving rapidly in this place. New buildings, new initiatives, new ideas being implemented in every place and mind you, I haven't been to too many places yet.
The boys are also enjoying themselves very much and are at a sports clinic this week. They are learning how to play basketball, volleyball and tennis.
I have been reading, like I said I would, and doing my best to pray though that could always be better. I am enjoying myself to put it succintly. And the grey cells are working as well. A lot of my friends are quite busy so I haven't had the opportunity to see many of them but several of them have called which has been nice.

Well, since my main aim was to rest and take it easy, I can say I am scoring perfectly at the moment and even more.

What can I say about beautiful Ghana? It is really beautiful in my spirit as a friend said to me once. Thank you, Father for this opportunity to visit, Amen.



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