Saturday, August 02, 2008

Getting ready for Ghana

It has been a tiring day but very fruitful too; I have braided my hair once more and it looks good even if I say so myself. I am grateful for that because it means I have just a few more things to do before the departure day to Ghana on Thursday.
I am looking forward to the trip because I'm going to rest and recuperate from a hectic year to come back stronger and more focused and more directed in my daily life.
I have finally woken up from the slumber and seriously working on my discipline. A day at a time as I always say.
Thank You, Father that I am blessed and highly favoured.


Blogger Itsasistathing said...

you go girl, am sure you will look equaly as beautiful with braids. enjoy the time to relax, you will indeed come back a new woman with a mission. Hope you and your family have a safe journey. hmmmmm thinking of those gorgeous ghanian food, oh well you'll have to cook me dinner when you get back


2:35 AM  

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