Sunday, January 20, 2008

Faith for Potatoes

That is the title of a book I borrowed from the library a few weeks ago and I was very blessed by it. I had gone into the library intending to get a book on writing greeting verses but saw this book and was drawn to it and borrowed it.

It was such a lovely testimony and really encouraged me very much about my dream for an organic farm powered by biogas in Ghana, in a lovely, rural location. It was the story by a Scottish farmer living in South Africa and how he had become a preacher for God.

I borrowed it when I had been feeling a bit flat, not low or discouraged but wanting a visible confirmation of the promises of God and He obliged me by prompting this visit to a library I seldom use. Is He not amazing?

Thank You, Father that you care very much about everything that I desire and that You are honing them to be what they should be to glorify Your Name.

Thank You.


Blogger Sheela said...

I saw the film version of this biography, and what a blessing that was! It was a wonderful reminder to me that in the midst of the tiredness, and the complex situations, and the daily frustrations, 'I AM'.

Thanks for the comment on my blog.

3:26 AM  

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