Monday, January 21, 2008

My growing attitude

Yesterday I had to post something twice because the first post just got zonked somehow and I was really pleased with myself for not getting angry or giving up and procrastinating. I believe I am really making progress and this thing about baby steps has been so very helpful and insightful to me. I must thank Barbara for that.

I have been able to do the Morning Pages today though I struggled a bit which was nothing unusual but I have to keep plodding on. The good thing about MP is that I am filling up my journal very quickly and that is really nice to see.

I also have finally figured out that I must break the collection of essays into bite-sized chunks so that I do not feel overwhelmed with the editing of them. A step at a time and a lesson for each stage.Hmmm. For the first time in a long while now I am actually grateful to be learning something new; especially to do with my attitude.

Father I am very grateful for that and especially grateful for your patience with me and with my slowness at times. Accelerated Learning Program, I call you in.

Thank You, Father for this gift of writing and for this opportunity to blog . Even if no one reads these, I know I will later on in my life and be thankful that I documented my thoughts at this stage of my life.

Thank You once again,Father.



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