Monday, May 07, 2007

For the sake of posterity

Yesterday we all watched a program about Victoria’s empire, which featured Ghana and that excited me quite a bit. The presenter found the heat a bit too much and I don’t think she will be hurrying back for a visit; but in my opinion it was too short a visit to make such a decision. One does get used to the heat after a while, just like I have had to get used to the cold over here (not liking it but accepting that it is supposed to be winter at certain times) and do my best not to complain about the short days and very dark nights. But her issue with the heat did bring up again for me the question of solar energy in Ghana and how it could be developed cheaply and for all.

How do we harness this natural, abundant free resource that we take for granted? I went to bed thinking about this but confess that I fell asleep after about a minute so I haven’t come up with anything that is new from what I have read about solar energy but again I throw the challenge to my engineering colleagues. We have to do something about it with the energy crisis that pops up every few years.

Naturally this line of thought brings up what things one takes for granted on a daily basis and one of them is good health. As I wrote a few weeks about legacy, health was one of the things I thought about. How can one be productive without being well? Very challenging as I even now find if you are unfit.

It is not until you fall ill or hear of a relatively young person being very ill that you kind of think about your health but how much more sensible it would be to invest a little bit of thought into the daily choices you make about your meals and the kind of lifestyle you lead. And they do not have to be drastic changes at all. Over here the magazines have already been writing about summer meals and easy dishes to prepare and I sometimes wonder how many people bother to try them out, me included.

For the sake of posterity, I am going to do my best to keep healthy and do my best not to take it for granted.

Thank You, Father for good health.



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