Thursday, May 03, 2007

Stir myself up

Living by principle and not by emotion is what I am striving to learn this year. I just made a startling discovery that everyone also goes through negative emotions like I do! ( As if you didn’t know that!)

Is it not interesting that you sometimes know something mentally without actually comprehending the fact? Even the great writers have days on which they would rather sleep or vegetate but they show up behind their notebooks or computers and they write! I will not be the first one who is writing without inspiaration. The thing about a gift is that if you stir it up, it will respond. I believe that is why Paul told Timothy to stir up the gift within him. If you do not nurture what talents and gifts the Lord has bestowed on you, they will wither and remain dormant until such time that you work on them.

So it is important for me to stir up the writing and believe that the good Lord who gave it to me will also make a way for me to use it to His glory alone!

I am stirring myself up with every piece I write. Glory be to His Name, Amen.



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