Friday, August 25, 2006

Give thanks

It seems like I am going to miss my walk for today as well, ( missed it yesterday through no fault of mine) and I am not a happy bunny. I find that a little stretching of the limbs helps in my current condition ( I am looking forward to getting my tummy back) and then also helps the grey cells to tick away better and the fresh air is a tonic to me as a fresh start to the day.
Anyway, what to do? I have been doing my best to give thanks in all circumstances as we are instructed to do in 1 Thessalonians 5:18, a habit that slipped away in the carelessness of confidence. It is not easy to revive an old habit but knowing what I do of how things used to be when I practised it, I am determined to recover it by all means.
So I thank God that I am not going to be able to walk today, but I have managed to send the Friday column out and hope that it does bless someone on the list.
Life is too short even at 120 to moan and berate others as a friend pointed out. Yes, indeed, it is; so let me live each day rejoicing in what I have and not regretting or moaning over what I don't have.
Give thanks, Nana, give thanks.


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