Friday, July 28, 2006

Thank you for the rest

I have been a bit sluggish this morning and don't know why, but I am peppering up now. I have sent out the Friday column though I didn't feel like I had anything sensible to write but I have to keep it up even when it doesn't feel like it is good enough.
The good thing though is that I am sticking to a regime and no two days can be the same.
On a more positive note, chatting to a friend yesterday helped me write a romantic poem and I haven't been able to write poetry for a long time now so I went to bed very happy.
Obviously the rest is doing me a lot of good; how to convince my friends that their emails also stimulate me a lot.Hmm.
Thank You, Father for all my friends and also for this gift of writing.
I shall do my best with it each day.


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