Friday, July 21, 2006

No outing again today

I was disappointed again today but I was surprisingly ok about it. Maybe I am maturing? I am really glad that it is the end of term for the boys though and hopefully one can start going for short walks again if the weather is not too hot.
I have quite a number of things I have an interest in that I want to look at so I am hoping to shake off the lethargy and get going on them.
I somehow feel as if I have to reach another level with the writing; I have become a bit comfortable with the Friday column and I can feel the inner dissatisfaction of knowing I could add to this type of writing. I started writing devotionals last year and would like to get back to that now that I have the time.
And I need to understand that I might probably not have as much time on my hands once baby arrives.
I wonder whether anyone out there needs time boundaries to make them productive? I want to get out of that and be motivated at all times.
Each day is another to try to make progress.


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