Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Enjoying the break

Yesterday I didn't feel too sleepy or tired during the day and I started walking once again which gave me such joy in my heart and I was hoping that today would be the same. However I have had 2 naps already and my eyes are drooping now as I write. Ah well, no two days are the same, are they? I will do my best for today.

And I did do some writing yesterday too which I will do my best to continue today. A step at a time, remember? I do find that it is very relaxing to have the boys at home even though they squabble a lot but at least I am not going in and out dropping and picking them up which is nice. I don't know whether I will change my mind in a few days time but let's enjoy today.

I am also reading a lot of thrillers that are indeed thrilling me.
What is it that makes me like feisty lady detectives so much? Is it because I fancy myself as one? Who knows?
The number one lady's detective agency; in my dreams. Hmmm, an intriguing idea.


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