Friday, June 30, 2006

This and that

I will be finishing the Learner Support course very soon. We were supposed to hand in our portfolios this Wednesday but unsurprisingly, not even the eager beavers among us had finished it. A week after a three-hour exam to produce all our documents and observations and the like was asking for a bit too much. I was reading lots of storybooks and discovering new authors but I should finish by next Wednesday if I want to free up my time to do more interesting things.
After the PGCE implosion last year, I have made a list of the things that need doing so that I am not afflicted by the paralysis I sometimes get hit with or the boredom when I don’t want to do what needs doing ; so I have a to-do list at the back of my journal for that.

Last Friday I had an observation by the overall boss of the Adult Education Centre and I was very jittery and tired from the intense revision for the exam. Each time I was gripped with fear, I would pray and speak calmly to myself and overall it did go well. His comments were very useful and I do not have to do another observation again until … the next time I go to school, I guess. He made two comments that were quite amusing though. He said I was a bit too laidback but thought I had a very calming voice. The laid-back bit did not surprise me because I have heard it quite often and I do not deny it one bit. Try staying at home with four young boys and if you do not get laidback, you will go grey within months. I do confess that I was laidback before having the boys but having run a kingdom at home for this long has made me lost touch with being professional and I have mentioned it to my coach before that it is sometimes a hindrance. Funny enough someone commented this week that I am very professional so I must be showing some improvement already after Friday. The calming voice, I don’t know what to say about because a lot of the boys in my engineering class used to tease me about it but I kind of like it. Then again someone has said my voice is very bland which brings me to another point. (I did say it was going to be a bit of this and that.)

For those of us who come from Ghana, a bit of the World Cup fever has been dampened down because our team was kicked out by Brazil but no worries. Wimbledon is on offer for the tennis fans and whoever said that a sport is bigger than any of the sportswomen or men does have a point but let’s face it, some of the players in any of the sports are compelling to watch and learn about, whether you like them or loathe them. Even since the Williams sisters lost their stranglehold on the game, my attentions have been drawn to the men’s side of things now. Federer is my most favourite playere. And I know a number of people who have lost interest in the women’s games too for the same reason. Some people have pizzazz and let’s face it, Serena and Venus had it in tons, especially Serena. What a character. I am missing her very much even though it is Venus I adore because you know where you stand with Serena. She plays to win. Venus these days, is very shaky or rather shakier than before and sometimes it is too painful to watch her play because of her unforced errors but those legs are so regal that I keep watching on and off with heart in mouth hoping she wins just one more match. Try taking Tiger Woods out of golf and you will see what I mean. The sports will thrive and do well without them but sometimes you do need a star in any arena to provide some fizz, so I am hoping that Serena will be back with a bang to stir things up and put a poker in the fire.

Just as I am hoping that I will be a star teacher in my homeland some day and a star writer/ author in my circle of influence.
I will have to do something about the laidback attitude while I preach to myself.

Speak to me, o sweet Voice of calm, speak to me.


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