Sunday, July 23, 2006

Home life and home study

The boys are finally on vacation and I am happy about that because I will not have to do any lunchboxes for about six weeks and also there will be no ferrying back and forth unless I feel like it.
So far I have been sleeping a lot and reading as well but also jotting down little things and praying about the writing and what I need to learn. I do want to go to another level and leave this comfort zone and try other things. Even if I fail, I will learn from the experience. I want to be a persevering writer who breaks through so that I can teach others to do the same. For someone who relishes comfort and does not like criticism much, that will be tough on me but a step in the right direction, I feel.
How else do I grow except for stretching myself?
Six weeks of home study; that should be interesting.


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