Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Time to knuckle down

I have been vegetating since last Wednesday and it is time to finish off the Learner support course. I have been feasting on storybooks by new authors and I have to get back to business and finish by next Wednesday; then I will be as free as possible to do the things that I have been jotting down to do. Not many of them, since it is mainly the writing I want to give myself a chance with.
A little every day will surely help and then I will sit down over the weekend as well to fill in more forms.
Somehow I have been receiving fewer and fewer emails so come Thursday the 6th of July, I will have no further excuse not to sit down and write, especially since things have been looking up in the writing arena.
I re-recommend The Artist's Way if you are a blocked creative; it will stir up fire in your bones.


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