Thursday, June 01, 2006

Hard work and relaxation

I went swimming yesterday after a long break away from it and loved it. I came back with very red eyes though because I find it a burden to wear goggles but I think I have to, seeing how red my eyes look when I get home. I also went to school for a bit of revision with my course mates and once again it was good. All the ladies in there are very nice and one of them in particular is very helpful and always eager to help each of us progress in one way or the other. Talking about school reminds me of all the hard work that I have to do to finish this course. Come the 5th of July and I will be smiling.

On another note, I have been reading The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron and it is a very helpful book. This is not my first reading or my second or even third, but I find that some books get better as you re-read them and some of the things you might have overlooked the first time light up for you on a second or third reading. This time round I am scribbling all over the book and jotting down the ideas that come to mind.
The best thing that has happened with it so far though is one of my friends I lent it to now has her own copy and another one is going to buy herself a copy. That in my world is progress; spreading the goodness of something I am reading.
I hope my book will one day will be recommended in this same way.


Anonymous Wanda said...

Nana! I Love Julia Cameron. In my book The Search for Peace I recommend doing morning pages as a way to find the plan of God for our lives! It works!

I believe your book??? will be treasured and passed around!
Love Wanda

7:31 PM  
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