Tuesday, May 30, 2006

All things are possible

As I read a lot of motivational stuff, my mind is being transformed to one of doing what one thinks is worth doing. The old enemies procrastination and laziness are always on hand to hamper me but mentally I do now believe very much in what the Bible says about all things being possible with God. I am praying for a renewed zeal for prayer and meditating in the Word of God for therein lies divine power to break strongholds.

I also have been working with a life coach over some years now and the one thing that I have taken on board this year is to be more assertive. Of course not everyone is in favour with me not being my usual agreeable self all the time but I find that I feel a new sense of purpose and confidence as I assert myself about what I want without being selfish.

No one can fulfil your dreams on your behalf or do the things you think should be done. You have to get up and go and dream and believe that they shall come to pass.

And though I am struggling with such cold in summer time, I shall do my best to act daily, even if it is to write one sentence.

Thank You, Father , always and ever for your grace and your mercy.


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