Thursday, May 04, 2006

In the company of cheerful ladies

This is not my title; it is the title of one of the books by Alexander McCall Smith and it is an apt title for me today.

Yesterday I went for my usual Wednesday class and two of us were missing, but the rest of us had a good laugh during lunch time as we gathered round for our break. Only one of our teachers was present and it was our male tutor so he could not laugh with us as we talked about pregnancy and childbirth.

And why were we talking about pregnancy and childbirth? Well, it was all for my sake. I am pregnant once again just when I was toddling along with other things apart from being pregnant and breastfeeding and it has certainly been a big surprise to me. I will not be the first or the last to be surprised in this way and in a world where some are desperately seeking by whatever means to have a baby, it might come as a shock to some to know that not every pregnancy is a welcome one.This one certainly was not and it has taken me fourteen weeks to be ok with it now.

I have been listless, unmotivated, bored, frustrated, angry sometimes, miserable, self-pitying and more, but I am getting back to my normal self. The only thing is that I am yet to get back to the writing regime and routine.

Well, a day at a time and in the company of such cheerful ladies, my good spirits will be back to 100%.

( this was supposed to be posted yesterday!)


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