Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Write where you are

I have not been here for a while now; trying to get back into the routine of life over here and also to the new development in my life which I will share a bit later on. I have been feeling quite lethargic and yet in my heart desire to write and do great things. By now I should have learnt that when I think of something to do, I must do it without hesitation or procrastination or else I lose the enthusiasm with that first flush of inspiration. I have gone beyond wanting to get published for money ( though I still think and dream of it) and want to be more prolific and more perfected in the craft.

I am reading a Stephen King book on writing that is witty and also instructive. One can only keep trying and keep learning and in my case, write as soon as inspiration strikes.
A year from now, I would like to say that by God's grace, I have become a more deserving writer.


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