Thursday, May 11, 2006

Gut feeling

Sometimes one has an instinct about something and because it could be a ridiculous thought, you dismiss it only to your own peril. I have had this nebulous thought about being careful what I say to particular people and the people in question or rather in mind say some things or behave in certain ways that dispel the feeling but in one distinctive case at the moment, the thought kind of goes away and them comes back again.
Some people think there is nothing like intuition but I have heeded to mine before and I have been proved right. I think that contrary to what I see, I shall take heed and rather repent if the thought/feeling goes away. So far as it remains, this lady will be careful to keep her mouth firmly shut.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"intuition" I believe it is 'the still small voice' of the Holy Spirit in my human spirit. He said the Soirit will lead us and guide us into all truth.
It is a wisw woman who are a wise woman.
Love Wanda

6:57 AM  

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