Monday, March 13, 2006


My view has been blunted a little because I have had some very unexpected news which has sapped a lot of energy out of me.I am slowly getting used to the situation I find myself in now especially since I want my verve for the writing to come back soon.
It has also been quite cold and I keep wondering when it is going to warm up. My mind is definitely made up; I want to live in a warmer climate; the cold weather does not do anything for me.Some people like it but I live with it because I have to and as I have learnt that one can make choices, I choose to live in warm country, Amen.That thought in itself strengthens me.

I still so not have anything to show for this evening in my writing class and I am hoping that some inspiration will hit during the day or my teacher is not going to be too pleased with me. I have a tutorial which I am looking forward to very much because it is going to determine whether I should continue with the project I have resurrected from years gone by or not.Hmmm.

Thank God for this place to air my thoughts at the moment.

See you soon.


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