Monday, August 03, 2009

School, Sikakrom and sleep.

I went to teach today and it was an all-male cast today of differing ages. Very noisy towards the end of the lesson and I was beginning to wilt. Very challenging to control children in this part of the world and not pleasant at all for adults to deal with but one has to be firm with them and stick to your own standards. One has to keep praying for them.

Thank You, Father for that open door for us to exit and get back to Sikakrom where one will have the support to teach the kids virtuous ways and those of our fathers before us. Indeed Sikakrom does have a lot to offer as those of us who want to go back keep discussing.

And thank You, Father for hot water and a warm bed to sleep in.  Tomorrow morning I will regroup and get the program going again with the writing. Thank You, Father for Your grace and Your mercy daily, Amen.


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