Saturday, February 28, 2009

Going for gold

Today I attended the first day of a travel writing event; I had been excited about it all week and though I couldn't do everything that was on offer, I really enjoyed it very much. And came back home quite inspired and hoping from Monday the 2nd of March, things are going to snowball because I am using my time better than I have been. I have been doing my best but I need to stop writing according to feeling.

I am going for gold as a friend put it and putting into practice some of the things I have been reading and learning about. On Friday I began tennis lessons at long last and it was so exciting and humbling at the same time. It was one of the things on my PASSION list for this year; a short list after whittling down my interests to passions and I am very grateful for that.

Tomorrow is the continuation of the event and for me the highlight of the 2 days in the appearance of Alexander McCall Smith. Something else on my list that is being fulfilled. Forget the sceptics; the law of attraction really does work and on that note, I believe that my efforts to go for gold are really going to come to pass with the daily steps of progress.

Thank You, Father for today and thank You for Your mercy that abounds daily. 



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