Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Redefining my life ( and retooling it according to Scripture)

Who is defining my life? Who is telling me what I need? And who supplies my needs? These are questions I need to answer for myself for if I know that God is my Source and the One who provides my needs, my days of worrying about things is over. And indeed it is. Because no one person can provide all the things I need. Only God knows my deepest needs and my desires and He alone can give much more than expected.

A friend blessed me with a Study Bible about a week ago and I am enjoying it so much especially after getting myself ready for the year in January. Words are coming alive to me and phrases like " abundant welfare" and "abundant prosperity" leap out of what I am currently reading. 

And it sure is helping to read a book by Jack Canfield called How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be ( The 25 Principles of Success) at this time. What is it I want? I just have to ask and believe that it will be done; and in my case, according to God's will for my life.
I am a joyful, grateful girlie for this time.
Thank You once again, Father.


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