Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Women's library

I visited the Women's library in Aldgate yesterday to see the exhibition on magazines. It was a smaller exhibition than I thought but I enjoyed it very much and it was interesting to read the timeline on how it all began. 

Each time I see chronicles of past events like that, I am humbled and feel impressed upon to do my bit in whatever way I can. Someone had an idea and built upon it with probably very little monetary gain and those of us who have come up from behind build upon their shoulders and their hard work to make millions out of what began as a kernel. 

I might not pioneer anything in my lifetime, though I hope to, but I can commit to doing my bit with the gifts I have been endowed with and the satisfaction and reward will be greater than any prize or award because I would have done what I was born to do.
Thank You, Lord for the trip yesterday.


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