Monday, January 12, 2009

A rather quiet day

It has been a fairly quiet day today; woke up to find that my car had a flat tyre. I had to ask a friend to drop the boys in school but took the little lady to playgroup by bus. Wasn't bad at all especially since I walked part of the way, getting some much-desired exercise. It was cold but walking always makes one warm up very quickly.

I have been doing my best to read my back copies of Christian magazines and have felt very nourished from them. This year I intend to continue that way and not lapse in the habits that built me up several years ago. Quietly making progress daily.

I went to the library when the little one was in playgroup and enjoyed reading a writing magazine and was cheeky enough to ask for the old copy of it which the librarian gave me without hesitation. How do you receive without asking? Nothing to lose in any arena for me this year. Nothing to lose at all. We live in hope for the days ahead. 
Thank You, Father for today.


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