Sunday, December 28, 2008

Heart matters

No one likes being taken for granted or for a fool. No one likes to be cheated or deceived; and I have heard a few tales lately about men deceiving  women and I am not too sure whether it is the law of attraction working here or my eyes suddenly being opened to the world around me; or just simply that a lot of men are out to deceive and should not be trusted.

I don't know. What I know for sure though is that a woman has to be financially independent before marriage, during marriage and if things should  go wrong, after marriage. I have become a bit hardened to the promises of men and now put my whole trust in God instead. Because no one person can fully satisfy all your deepest needs .

I am not at all advocating lying in any relationship; but just love with both head and heart. When the latter is broken, the former will help you recover and make wise decisions to allow you to fall in love again. Hopefully with someone more trustworthy.

It is well, Lord. Please bring healing to my friends who find themselves in very challenging circumstances right now, Amen.


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