Friday, January 09, 2009

Daily progress

I am in the library at the moment and picked up some autobiographies for sale. I am fasting from quick trips to charity shops since I bought a lot of books last year but since I managed to save £4 off my shopping, I think I deserve a pound of that for some literary stuff; which I am going to get round to reading off course.
Yesterday I went to see my spiritual mentor and as always it was a very rewarding trip. She has a lot of belief in me and keeps encouraging me to keep the big picture in mind and think about the prophecy I got in 2007 about the writing. I am doing my best not to let setbacks get me down or the fact that I am not writing pages and pages each day, slow my progress.
If I make progress each day, that should make me happy. Trying to project too far ahead gets depressing when you do not seem to be achieving much but just doing the maximum one can during the day, while keeping the big picture in mind is what works for me.
To that end I strive and this year will definitely be different from all others. This year, there will be lots of tangibles to see,touch and smile about.
Thank You for this time, Father.


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