Monday, January 05, 2009

Lukewarm baths

Especially when I am feeling tired and drained, a hot bath is the one thing I look forward to before I hop into bed and if I get into the bath to find that the water is lukewarm, I get quite upset and it can ruin my whole going-to-bed routine (if I allow it to). I detest lukewarm water because it is deceptive, starting out as hot and then leaving you with goose bumps. Not nice to someone who likes hot temperatures.
And I guess that is why the Lord in the Book of Revelation in the Bible says that He would prefer that particular church to be hot or cold! One or the other, not in the middle where there is uncertainty and a lack of declaration. I guess it translates to being enthusiastic about what one is involved in.
That is a lesson I have to take on board since I tend to be quite bland in a lot of ways and do not show too much emotion about certain things. My diffidence has not paid me well and it is time to take a stand for heat in the things that matter to me.
Father, help me be HOT about You in all my ways and in that way, I will discern Your paths for me.
Thank You, Lord for this lesson in Jesus' Name, Amen.


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