Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Clear intentions

I have just finished reading a book I bought in our local library for 10p by Joe Vitale. I dont't know what to call him but this book falls in the motivational kind and it has been very good. Not everything in his book, especially the spiritual bit resonates with me but I knew what he was talking about in his description of us being spiritual. I believe very much in Jesus Christ with no questions or doubts so that is my spirituality.

However all the rest of the things he talks about I really enjoyed and will strive to do. He talks about the clarity of your intent or intention and that is very important. Without honesty, clarity and truth about what you really want, you muddle through life kind of half-awake and never satisfied or happy. I am sifting through my dreams and asking why I want those things, in the hope and faith of accelerated progress.

I have had a prophecy given me about the writing and I want no more delays. Get clear, get focused, get more in tune with the Lord, Nana. 
What is my intention about this writing? Father, I desire what You desire for me, Amen.


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