Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Ghana, my Ghana

There is something about a dream that I have long discovered; you cannot suppress it or ignore it. Do any of those and it will cost you your emotional equilibrium. My dream is to go back to settle in Ghana and much as I have kept quiet about it at home and with friends, it still burns in me more than ever. Sometimes it takes something small for me to get this intense desire to " just pack up and go!" as it were and it is not a pleasant phase to go through at all.

Yes, I do appreciate and like things about being over here but my heart hankers after that hot and so-called Third World land called Ghana.
Lord in Your mercy, help me fulfil this dream, Amen.



Anonymous Bouchey. said...

What a dream to share Nana!, and hopefully for me, God willng if Jesus had not come by the end of December 2007, I will be packing my 'tools' and 'kids' heading towards home - the land called Ghana on the Earth created by God.

I would love to visit you in Ghana when that dream comes true and I pray that in His own time, He makes all things beautiful so He will make a way when the time is right for you.
God bless.

6:02 AM  

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