Friday, August 24, 2007

Feisty females

I just finished a book by Sara Paretsky and I guess I have written it before, but I thoroughly love feisty female characters because I admire them and want to be like them, I suppose. A heroine of sorts, solving problems for people.

I looked Sara up on the Web and was surprised to read that she was not encouraged as a child because she was a girl. That kind of resonates a little with me and I could feel a bit of her emotion coming through as I read about her. What better way to get rid of such baggage than to write about it and make a point? Well, there is a better way. Give it up to God and then write about it too.

Her protagonist is a bit like the one written of by Sue Grafton and she has such a strong voice that one can almost imagine her.
That is the power of a good writer. One who creates a character who feels three-dimensional.
Nana, read and learn. What a great way to study: read to my heart's content.
Of course within the boundaries of discipline.
Hmmmm. Thank You, Father.



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