Thursday, September 20, 2007

Birthday Girl

I turned 38 on Sunday and I feel so grown-up; not old but more mature, wiser and more certain and confident in myself or rather in my God. I think I am getting more comfortable in my skin and in my personality and for that I am truly grateful. It means I don't need to be looking over my shoulder or seeking approval from all and sundry to make changes or pursue certain directions in my life.
I am rather looking forward to 40 now, and of course hoping that I shall be a sleeker, leaner me by then, with a book or two published as well. It would be nice to see my name on something that substantial.
Thank You, Father for adding another year to my life and for the years to come.



Anonymous Bouchey said...

Hi Birthday Girl,
It is great to know you are 38. This means that I am four (4) years older than you.
I am blessed to see you publicly declare your age and see how far you have come from the 'Uni' days. I could never have imagined that you could be a mother of five in our life time.
I thank God for your life and I hope to see your first book published very soon. I mean very, very soon.
God bless.
Who else, the crazy Bouchey.

5:57 AM  

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