Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Prayer for a holiday

I so want a holiday, Father and even though I am so spiritually enriched by the Dr Siddiki meetings, I also want a change of scenery for the body and the soul. Lord, I hope that doesn’t sound so greedy but that is how I feel and I am writing this in the hope that it will get rid of the desire but better still land me a holiday(!) and also help me to make the best of what I have. Indeed I am blessed in all ways possible.

I thank You for daily food, I thank You for Your Word and for Your protection and for Your guidance and all that You do for us as a family.

Thank You for this writing gift and thank You for eternity and for what lies ahead in Jesus for us and in heaven. I pray that I will fulfil my destiny on earth by Your power and for Your glory. In the mighty Name of Jesus, I pray with thanksgiving and Father, I feel better at the moment about the scenery. Thank You so much in Jesus’ Name, Amen.



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