Friday, June 15, 2007

Keep holding on

A few weeks ago, I decided to try to write for 15 minutes each day and it has not been possible to do that every single day. I have not even been able to blog each day and I am doing my best to stay positive about it even though I am sad inside . This phase shall pass and I will rebuild what disipline has been lost. Like I heard a woman of God say the difference between a dream and a destiny is that you can walk away from a dream but not your destiny.
Now it would be presumptuous at the moment to say I know what my destiiny is though I know it is something to do with Ghana but I know that I am constantly thinking about the writing and have things in my mind to try. Somehow I get to the PC sometimes and because I haven’t jotted my thoughts down, they have flown away but I have to persevere and keep learning and picking myself up after barren periods and times like these. Keep the faith and keep holding on and pick myself up.
Writing, Ghana, teaching, etc etc. I cannot walk away from my destiny so I keep getting up.
They that wait upon the Lord renew their strength indeed.



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